The Market Report

January 16, 2019


The New Year has started with a bang. Fat cattle are higher and they are taking the feeders right along with them. For the reason that the weather in the major feeding areas in the mid-west has been cold, with lots of snow, it has set the fat cattle back. The cattle that they are processing are lighter and are yielding around 60% instead of 63%. This all leads to less meat on the market and has forced the fat cattle up.  Light cattle are also on the move up because the condition of feed here has taken a turn for the good, due to the rain. Subsequently, 2019 has a great start, all the way around.

There has been some confusion on tags this year. We are using Allflex tags again this year because the AniTrace tag we have been using isn’t being produced at this time. Ani- Trace is in the process of building a button which isn’t available yet.  The Allflex tag we are using is the 1/2 duplex. We are using it because it is a better tag and reads better than the cheaper full duplex sold by Allflex and others.  We continue to keep all the records for you and the buyers at no expense to our customers.

We continue to investigate the EID tag industry. There are some new innovations just about to reach the market and we will continue to keep you informed.  They show big promise on quality.

The run of cattle is very light so we aren’t quoting sales but it has remained steady. However, we will get into some numbers by the end of the month and we look for a move up in the market at that time.


Until next week,

Jim Warren