August 22, 2017


It’s Monday night and my mind has been racing ever since the bull sale meeting in Pismo Beach Saturday night. Lee Leachman came from Colorado to talk bulls. It didn’t take very long to realize his expertise, knowledge, history and his plans for producing the most futuristic bulls on the market. He has been selling bulls nationally and internationally for nearly 30 years. However, what I think sets him apart from all the rest is his effort to produce a bull that has real dollar value that you can go to the bank on and make the bulls they raise better each year. So thank you Lee.

They have developed a complex formula that makes bull buying easy. It sorts the best traits weighs them and spits out a number called $ PROFIT. THAT NUMBER IS THE VALUE OF THAT BULL TO YOU, IN YOUR COW HERD, BREEDING 25 COWS FOR THE NEXT 4 YEARS.

The average Angus bull has about an $8500, for $ PROFIT number. If you are looking at a bull in another catalog and there is no $ PROFIT number then you would assume he is average for the breed. He might be higher or lower but the best guess would be average for the breed. How can we explain what sets these bulls apart from all the rest? I was having lunch on Sunday with Bobby Danotti and we were having that discussion. How can we explain in Cowboy terms why all the other bull sales that have no $ PROFIT number can be grouped together into one group on one hand and Topline Leachman bulls into another group all by themselves?  He said it’s BALANCE. So I immediately said what do you mean by that? His answer was simple, first he said, Topline Leachman have been feed testing bulls sense 2004 and because only feed testing can give you accurate feed efficiency results they have very accurate numbers for that EPD(Expected Progeny Differences) and it’s about 40 percent heritable. I surely understand all that but could you explain what you mean by BALANCE?  His answer was simple again because all the EPD’s are considered in the computer and the closer the bull gets to the optimum in all the EPD’s the higher his $ PROFIT number.

The average $ PROFIT of all the bulls in the Topline Leachman sale is around $13,000 $ PROFIT. The top 19 bulls for $PROFIT in this year’s sale go from $ 16,800 to $ 22,435 $ PROFIT. Those numbers are off the charts and they go up every year while other bulls you can buy stay the same. Topline Leachman right now has the very best bulls you can buy. The bulls $ PROFIT number is going up around $1000 each year. So don’t wait, walk through the bulls you have, sell as many as you can and be ready to buy the best on October 21st.

Now here is another exciting fact about $ PROFIT. The calves you sell each year will start to sell for premium prices because they eat less and gain more. You don’t need to wait for feedlot results or carcass data because the buyers of these calves already know your calves are going to be feed efficient and have all the carcass quality they need. This year buyers paid from $5 to $10/cwt more for Topline Leachman sired calves. We expect that number to go up each year. The secret is being able to bunch these calves up in special sales so the buyers of these calves can come and buy load lots. The more of these calves we have to market the easier it is to sell them and the price goes up.

Now let’s talk the sale this week. One thousand four hundred cattle sold like hot cakes. It was quality from start to finish and the prices reflected the quality. We sold 27 Topline Leachman sired steer’s weighing 875#’s for $132 and 38 head weighing 715# for $140. This is just a small sample of higher prices for better cattle and a great vaccination program. The top light steer calves brought in the lower $170/cwt, and the heifers brought up to $137.50/cwt. It was just a great market all day.

So have a great week and we’ll see you next week at the market.

Jim Warren (831) 320.3698




3 Blk 383# steers sold for $171.00

12 Blk Char 387# steers sold for $161.00

10 B, BBR, Char 441# steers sold for $163.50

21 B, BBR, Char 456# steers sold for $156.00

4 Blk 491# steers sold for $152.00

12 Blk, Char 523# steers sold for $154.00

12 Blk, Char 562# steers sold for $144.50

11 Blk, BWF 587# steers sold for $143.00

8 Blk, B BR 602# steers sold for $138.00

13 Blk 628# steers sold for $138.50

6 Blk BBR 647# steers sold for $138.00

4 Blk 664# steers sold for $135.00

38 BWF Red 715# steers sold for $140.00

24 Blk 789# steers sold for $126.00

11 Blk, BWF 792# steers sold for $127.75

6 Blk 801# steers sold for $129.00

11 Blk, BWF 802# steers sold for $128.00

16 B, R, CH 876# steers sold for $132.00


6 Blk 384# heifers sold for $135.00

29 Blk 442# heifers sold for $137.50

15 R, CHAR 462# heifers sold for $135.00

5 Blk 502# heifers sold for $128.00

14 BLK, CH 513# heifers sold for $129.75

3 Blk 537# heifers sold for $130.00

3 Blk, B BR 563# heifers sold for $130.00

5 Blk, BWF 578# heifers sold for $128.00

5 CH X 616# heifers sold for $128.00

5 Blk 666# heifers sold for $120.00




Weight Avg/cwt High/cwt
350-399 $141 $171.00
400-449 $162 $163.50
450-499 $143 $156.00
500-549 $145 $154.00
550-599 $142 $144.50
600-649 $134 $138.50
650-699 $130 $135.00
700-749 $132 $140.00
750-799 $124 $127.75
850-899 $128 $132.00
Weight Avg/cwt High/cwt
350-399# $130 $135.00
400-449# $133 $137.50
450-499# $135 $135.00
500-549# $126 $130.00
550-599# $123 $130.00
600-649# $122 $128.00
650-699# $115 $125.00