The Market Report

June 12, 2018

My report will be a little different this week. First, I had a 4 wheeler accident at 8:30 AM yesterday, right before we started selling the small animals. I went home and cleaned up but getting dressed was too difficult so I put on some shorts, a shirt and went back down to sell but that didn’t work ether. So the boys called Joel Bleeker and he drove over from Tulare to sell feeders. Bobby Donati sold the small animals and cows.  It was exciting and comforting at the same time to have everyone take over like nothing happened.  I reluctantly went to the emergency to get checked out and they discovered nothing was broken.  I thank heaven for that. We often talk about having a professional crew at 101 Livestock Market and yesterday was a perfect example.  We have several people who can run the computers, Bobby can sell and when one or two people are missing others can step up, move to another job and it’s business as usual.  A big “thank you” to our excellent employees.

The buyers are another awesome group that also stepped up and made it a great sale. You gentlemen are awesome!

All spring we’ve been talking about the market and where we are headed. The packer has been making over $300 on every steer he processes. We have 5% more cattle on feed so they have kept down ward pressure on everything they buy. However, this greed is starting to get the best of them since they are buying cattle that aren’t quite finished to kill. This is pulling cattle ahead and processing them at lighter weights helping to reduce the total pounds of beef on the market. Because demand is good and they need the cattle, the down ward pressure they have been exerting on the market turned sharply up this week. Higher priced fat cattle in turn had a positive impact on the feeder market as well. I think things have started to turn up and it looks like from here on out these cattle could work a little higher.

I spent a few days hauling cattle for customers like Ed Vanoni, Fred Rodgers, and Allan Martinoni. I surely enjoyed that time. I also got the opportunity to see some countryside that I have missed.  We loaded some awesome cattle and then got the chance to sort them to their best advantage.  We thank you for your business.

We called feeders $2-$4 higher in very active trading and expect more of the same next week. We will sell over 2000 and perhaps even 3000 cattle next week. It will be another great sale.

Have a good week, and we’ll see you next time.

Jim Warren 831 320-3698


Here are some representative sales from this week’s auction.


3 Blk, Char 408# steers sold for $184.00

5 Char 447# steers sold for $180.00

7 Blk 511# steers sold for $165.00

4 Blk, B BR 520# steers sold for $166.00

5 Blk 554# steers sold for $164.50

7 Blk 580# steers sold for $165.50

5 Blk 600# steers sold for $155.00

3 Blk 613# steers sold for $151.00

13 Blk, Red 722# steers sold for $138.00

42 Blk, B BR 725# steers sold for $137.00

14 Blk 855# steers sold for $125.00



3 Blk, B BR 363# heifers sold for $140.00

4 Blk, Red 383# heifers sold for $151.00

3 Blk, B BR 432# heifers sold for $150.00

3 B Broc 510# heifers sold for $151.50

24 Blk 534# heifers sold for $150.00

5 Blk 570# heifers sold for $147.00

8 Blk 611# heifers sold for $142.75

4 Blk 618# heifers sold for $137.50

4 Blk 629# heifers sold for $136.00

4 Blk 635# heifers sold for $139.00

10 Blk 742# heifers sold for $126.00


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