The Market Report

October 9, 2018

If you single out one thing we do each year to add value to the cattle you sell, improve the bottom line of your operation and lead the cattle operations here in the state of California and neighboring states into the 21st Century, it would be selling Topline-Leachman Bulls. That’s right when you have the opportunity to buy bulls with the very best in carcass data, bulls that eat less and gain more, and come with a four year guarantee then it’s easy to see why this event on Saturday October 20th is about as exciting as any event can be. In the last ten years this sale has grown from 90 Bulls to the 275 Bulls we will be selling this year.

One of the goals of Topline-Leachman is to make these bulls affordable to every producer that wants to buy a good bull. In order to keep the prices in line we have increased the numbers every year. Our goal is to sell 500 bulls in the not too distant future.

You can buy bulls that:
1. Eat less and gain more
2. They will produce replacement heifers that also eat less and gain more
3. They will have balanced EPD’s that only a computer program could provide
4. They will have the best guarantee in the business. That’s right your bull is covered by the Topline-     Leachman guarantee for four years.
5. They will have disposition scores that let you select gentle bulls if you need this in your operation.
6. The best of all is you can buy from the most modern selection method developed up to date and that is $ PROFIT.

Keep in mind the selection of bulls using the $PROFIT number isn’t what the bull costs you. It is however his value to you over the next four years servicing 25 cows/year. That’s right the number $PROFIT is by far the most modern selection tool developed in the 43 years we have been in this business. If we keep in mind the average Angus bull that sells would have a $PROFIT number of just over $9,000. The average $PROFIT number on the 275 bulls we will be selling will be over $15,000. It’s also important to note we expect these bulls to have an average cost of about $5,500. What a value!

Remember we talked about shopping for a car and going home to discuss the cars and prices with your wife and deciding tomorrow you will go back to the Chevrolet dealer for a new car. When you get there the next day the dealer says we just ran out of the car you wanted but we have a new Mercedes here we are going to give you at the same price. Yep, buying Topline-Leachman bulls is like paying a small price for an amazing bull that will start you on the path to producing the best calves built for the 21st century.

This year we will also be selling about 60 open heifers raised by Jeff Wiedemann of Livermore, Ca. They are sired by Topline-Leachman with an average $PROFIT number of $11,984.  Please go to our web site where we will have more information on these heifers.

See you at the Bull Sale on Saturday the 20th!

Jim Warren (831)320-3698





**Save the Date**
Thursday, October 11th
Producer Meeting @ 19th Hole, Tres Pinos
11:00 Social Hour 12:00 Lunch
RSVP to 101 Office (831) 726.3303

Saturday, October 21st
Topline Leachman Bull Sale
Lunch 11:30, Sale 1:00
60 Replacement Heifers
Sired by Topline Leachman Bulls
Average $Profit 11,984, $Ranch 51

**No Sale**
Tuesday, November 20th
Happy Thanksgiving!

Local Events
Saturday, October 13th
Monterey County Cattlemen Branding Party
The Barn at Pine Valley Ranch
Brand Fee: $20
RSVP to Marianne at (831) 262.4702

Wednesday, October 24th
Complying with AB589 – Water Diversion Monitoring and Reporting Training
Orradre Building at the Salinas Valley Fairgrounds
8:30am – 12:00pm
Cost: $25/person
Register to Devii Rao at or (831) 637.5346 x14