The Market Report

February 13, 2018

This week the market continues to move higher. We called cows and bulls steady but with active trading. There are not enough numbers to get a good test on feeder cattle but light calves were $5 higher. One can see the hand writing is on the wall.  The national inventories of light cattle outside feedlots are being adjusted down from previous reports.   There is already a scramble to buy light cattle and we expect them to move higher in the next couple of months.


This week we want to talk about EID tags one more time.  If you are using EID tags then you’re ready for any program that might be paying premiums on everyone’s calves. We already know there will be premiums paid on some program cattle for spring so if you want to take advantage of these programs and the premiums paid for these cattle then be sure to use EID tags.  There are some Canadian buyers that are very active on the market now and those cattle all have to be EID identified before leaving our facility. These cattle are not necessarily program cattle but they require EID tags.   The Canadian bound trucks are sealed, they     have a federal health certificate and travel that way until they get to the border.  It’s easy to see we have finally made the turn on EID tags and their importance to the beef industry.


See you at the sale,

Jim Warren (831)320-3698


Here are some representative sales from this week.








Representative Sales


1 Blk 410# steer sold for $172.00

7 BWF, WF 421# steers sold for $169.00

6 Blk, Red 422# steers sold for $176.00

4 Blk, BWF 443# steers sold for $186.25

3 BWF 513# steers sold for $161.00

6 Blk, Red 514# steers sold for $169.00

3 Blk 608# steers sold for $154.50

4 Blk 831# steers sold for $131.00



3 Blk 385# heifers sold for $157.00

7 BWF, WF 406# heifers sold for $156.00

3 Blk, BWF 497# heifers sold for $139.00

5 Blk 509# heifers sold for $149.50

5 Blk, BWF, B BR 608# heifers sold for $128.50

6 Blk 627# heifers sold for $131.75

Weight Avg/cwt High/cwt
400-499 $186.25
500-599 $169.00
600-699 $154.50
Weight Avg/cwt High/cwt
300-399 $157.00
400-499 $160.75
500-599 $149.50
600-699 $131.75
Grade low/cwt High/cwt
Cutters $51 $62
Boning Utility $68 $72
Breakers $62 $67
Program Cows $72 $75
Grade Low/cwt High/cwt
High Yield $80 $87
Others $70 $80