October, 17 2014



This week 101 Livestock is hosting the Focus Ag class, which is sponsored by the Farm Bureau.   They will take a tour of our facility and have lunch with us on Friday. The Farm Bureau invites city folks in business, politics, or any walks of life to participate in this class one day a month throughout the year. It is a great way to show case agriculture and it is a wonderful goodwill project. We thank the Farm Bureau for their efforts.  We have a producer animal health meeting and dinner Friday evening and of course the bull sale Saturday at 1:00pm. We are committed to the beef business and this way of life. We are excited about the future.


Now here’s more about the bull sale. In the past we’ve had bull sales and invited a lot of people to come and support that sale.  For the last five years including this year, we have been inviting producers to this sale. The beef industry is in the middle of a huge genetic change.  It is going to add real value to every cow herd involved and yes it will add real dollars into every producers pocket as well. So come have an awesome time and start to produce calves that have a sky       rocketing buyer curve because they eat less, gain more, and balance all the EPD’s.


Cows and bulls were $2.00 – $4.00 higher in active trading. There weren’t enough big cattle on the market to get a true test but calves and yearlings 700#’s and lighter were also higher.


Now here are some representative sales from this week.



Jim Warren (831)320-3698




Friday, October 20th

Producers Informational Dinner


Saturday, October 21st

Topline Leachman Bull Sale


Tuesday, November 21st








7 Blk 463# steers sold for $174.50

12 Blk, Red 465# steers sold for $172.50

15 Blk, Char 571# steers sold for $160.50

3 Blk 578# steers sold for $159.00

6 Blk 593# steers sold for $152.25

10 Blk 596# steers sold for $155.00

5 Blk 641# steers sold for $142.00

22 Blk 675# steers sold for $139.25

4 Blk 693# steers sold for $135.00


4 Blk 428# heifers sold for $135.00

3 Blk, B BR 528# heifers sold for $135.00

8 Blk 542# heifers sold for $135.00

5 Blk 755# heifers sold for $120.00

3 Blk 788# heifers sold for 107.00

Weight Avg/cwt High/cwt
300-349 $176 $176.00
450-499 $173 $174.50
500-549 $138 $138.00
550-599 $157 $160.50
600-649 $135 $142.00
650-699 $137 $139.25
Weight Avg/cwt High/cwt
500-549# $134 $135.00