Future Consignments

Saturday, October 20th
Topline Leachman Bull Sale
50 Black Baldy Replacement Heifers

Replacement Heifer Info:

MATERNAL: The mother cows to these heifers are the commercial end of some of the top U.S. Hereford herds recognized for “Dams of Distinction” (Rausch Ranch – South Dakota, Shaw Herefords – Idaho,…). Hereford cows are famously gentle, fertile, long-lived and good foragers. They pass those traits along to their daughters.

BULLS: The Hereford cows are bred to Leachman and Top Line bulls. Those bulls average: $11,984 for $Profit and $51 for $Ranch. See attached for details. Emphasis on bulls is Temperament, Maternal traits and Carcass in that order.

BORN & RAISED: These heifer calves were all born in the dry-land hills north of Livermore, CA beginning in August. They are weaned at 7 months and remain on the same type of pasture until they are sold in October.

GENETICS: The Meat Animal Research Center in Clay Center Nebraska considers the pure F1 Black Baldy to be at or near the top of other straight bred and cross bred females for maternal traits. A Hereford cow bred to an Angus bull passes along her positive traits and behaviors. Other black cow breeds bred to a Hereford bull may not have those traits.

HEALTH PROGRAM: Includes 8-way, Respiratory, Lepto/Vibrio with boosters and Trichomoniasis vaccines. Cattle are wormed 2X per year and MultiMin is given with vaccinations. These calves are exposed to Foothill and Anaplasmosis.

NUTRITION: Heifers are raised primarily on dry-land pasture and stay on a loose mineral mix and protein supplement beginning at weaning. As the grass dries, in order to boost the weight for breeding as yearlings, a moderate weekly ration of grass, wheat and alfalfa hay is given.