Future Consignments

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017
Replacement Heifers
Wiedemann Ranch F1 Baldy Heifers

  • Born Fall of 2016 beginning August 11th and Spring of 2016 beginning in March  (2 groups).
  • Hereford mothers from good maternal trait Hereford herds, docile Hereford temperament passed along to heifer calves. MARC data shows Hereford / Angus cross make top cows.
  • Angus sires: Top bulls selected for maternal traits, growth and carcass. 75% Leachman and Topline bulls. All bulls used are low birth weight. EPD’s available.
  • Moderated frame size: Lower maintenance energy requirements for cows = more cows same acreage.
  • F1 cross heifers (first generation cross): F1 females have the strongest heterosis (hybrid vigor) fertility, longevity, and health.
  • These heifers raised entirely on open range, California pastures. Loose mineral mix available year round.
  • Shots: 8-way, 4-way, bang’s, lepto/vibrio, Trich.
  • Foothill and Anaplaz exposed.
  • Palpated (Dr. Jim Clayton, Oakdale) to sort out non-cycling females and reproductive deficiencies on 9/7/17. Given ViraShield6 VL5 HB, TrichGuard vaccines and wormed on same date.
  • Handled from birth to minimize stress and improve handling

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October 21st, 2017